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About PreBranch Structures and Designs


   Founded in 2019, PreBranch emerged from a keen observation of the unmet needs in the architectural consulting landscape. Our inception was rooted in the firsthand experience of working closely with owners and contractors, understanding the complexities that often go beyond the blueprints.

Our Mission

   At PreBranch, we're not just about drawings and designs. We're about guiding our clients through new experiences, acting as their professional voice during the intricate permitting processes with municipalities. We recognize that real-world challenges in the field can be vastly different from what's conceptualized in an office. Our mission is to bridge that gap, ensuring that every project we undertake is both visionary and viable.

Our Approach

   While we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all architectural needs, what truly sets us apart is our commitment to our clients. We're available for calls throughout the day and evening, and we understand that our clients' schedules might require evening or weekend meetings. Our service doesn't end with the completion of drawings; we stand by our clients, offering complete follow-through, ensuring they're never left in the lurch.

Our Team

   While PreBranch currently operates with a lean team, our impact is profound, thanks to the mentorship and guidance of Ronald LaPage. Ronald has been an integral part of our journey, bringing with him a lifetime of experience, especially from the city of Wheaton. Having worked under his tutelage for six years, we've imbibed the nuances of architectural complexities, structures, and government relations. As Ronald transitions and entrusts more responsibilities, we're poised to uphold and further the legacy.

Our Values

   Integrity, creativity, and functionality are at the core of our values. We believe in making the most of the given "as-builts" of a project, working within budget constraints, and finding innovative solutions that cater to our clients' needs. We collaborate with contractors and professionals who share our vision of the bigger picture, ensuring that our projects are not just about aesthetics but also about sustainability and practicality.

Community & Responsibility

   Beyond our professional commitments, we're actively involved in the community. Our founder serves as the president of a large HOA and is a proud member of the Free Masons. At PreBranch, we're also committed to resource conservation, always seeking ways to save our clients' money by adopting creative strategies and understanding the intricate site conditions.

Looking Ahead

   With an increasing clientele, we're on a trajectory of growth. We're excited about expanding our team to better serve our clients and are keen on integrating cutting-edge AI technologies to streamline our processes.

   Join us on this journey as we transform architectural aspirations into tangible masterpieces.

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